Part 2 - Texturing the Shorts

Let's start by creating a set of shaders for the shorts. In the object sequencer you should see three objects for the shorts.

  • Shorts2:Skin:2

  • Shorts2:Snap:2

  • Shorts2:Shorts:2

Dealing with the Skin

The skin object for the shorts is an artifact from the original model. Select the object and either make it invisible or delete it.

Texturing the Snap

Apply a metallic shader to the snap. Any of the installed shaders in the BASIC METALS folder will do. Open the Shaders browser then drag and drop the shader onto the Shorts2:Snap:2 object.

Texturing the Shorts

The shorts were a DAZ free item so they didn't come with a texture. Unless the shorts are made from nylon they're not going to look this smooth so I'm going to add a cotton texture as a bump map.

This is basically the shader as it imported except that I've changed the color and added a texture from a Marlin Studios CD. In the finished render I'm probably not going to be focusing in on the shorts like I am here so I'm just going to get this shader in the ballpark. I'll refine it later if I need to.

The lighting I've setup is also fairly harsh. I'll adjust that later too but for right now it helps to be able to see all detail clearly.

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