Revising Models

Speed Test

Back in Poser I've reloaded the original file and made a few adjustments.

I switched to another pose and added a new object that I created in Rhino.

Normally I would bring all the elements of a render together in Bryce but I'm adding the object in Poser this time to show how the templates are going to speed things along. With previous versions of Grouper I would have to regroup all of the materials since I added a new object.

I'll record the time for each operation just for fun. Ideally you'll have Poser, Grouper and Bryce running all at the same time but Mercury doesn't have enough memory to run all three so I'll be running Bryce on Eros. Both machines will work from a shared directory on Mercury.


  • Poser (30 seconds total)
    • Export to .OBJ file
  • Grouper (1 minute, 40 seconds total)
    • Specify the source file
    • Scan for materials
    • Apply Templates
      • Cameron
      • LQ Hair
      • Victoria
      • Gel Hair
      • Beast Master
      • Beast Mistress
    • Group the display stand object
    • Convert
  • Bryce (5 minutes, 10 seconds total)
    • Import (1m40s)
    • Apply materials (3m30s)

So conservatively, in somewhere between 5 to 10 minutes I've taken a complex model with full textures from Poser to Bryce. The shorter times between concept and result let me focus on the original concept rather than the mechanics of the software. As you build your template and material preset libraries, your export/import time will improve.


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